The 21st century self: What does it consist of? How does it function?


These questions are no longer only relevant in themselves and to psychology, anthropology, philosophy, and the private processes of personal development.


Qua phenomena like e.g. ‘self-management’, the fabric of human existence is woven directly into the value creation processes of post-industrial society. Often, the outcome of this is undesirable: work-related stress, burn out or even substance abuse or mental illness. We must do better, and to accomplish this, further exploration of the self is needed!


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Ontologically and metaphysically, the praxis of this endeavour links to a notion of connectivity.


This connectivity takes colour from dialectic dualism with examples of connections being:


ethics and ontology

reflexivity and praxis

business and the humanities

work and life

body, mind and spirit

thought and creation

comprehension and expression

you and me


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Excitement or exhaustion? Which state are you currently in?


The conditions of creative processes are often described as the bittersweet oscillation between excitement and overload. In post-industrial society, this pertains to a widening spectrum of functions qua the still greater part of value creation having to do with immaterial or affective qualities.


This project claims that there are other ways to live in post-industrial society than the ones determined by the mode of ‘either/or’. It is feasible to manage and engage in creative processes in a sustainable manner... It may even be the most powerful way to do it!


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